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The scalp essentially refers to the skin and hair on the top of the head. Learning how to provide a scalp massage might be among the greatest things you could ever do to the top of your head! Sounds like a strange thing to say, but really it is true. A fantastic number of people have issues with their own scalp and learning how to be a excellent scalp massager is a good step toward alleviating those issues. Of course an extra advantage is that scalp massage can be intensely soothing and pleasurable. In this report we’ll explore some scalp massage techniques in addition to some other scalp massage hints for getting the most out of it.

Common Scalp Problems

      • Various skin problems leading to itchy, dry, flaky, and potentially inflamed skin.
      • Various hair problems leading to dry, thinning, or falling hair out.

Naturally for any significant issue, particularly skin problems, you want to consult a healthcare professional, but here we’ll discuss scalp massage methods which could be done for the upkeep of scalp health, and techniques which may relieve or help in treating various scalp issues.

For the best results you should have your scalp massaged regularly, even daily, and that’s why everyone should learn how to provide a excellent effective self researched scalp massage. It not only feels great, it enriches scalp health by improving circulation to the scalp region. This will eventually lead to shinier, healthier hair. You could even incorporate scalp massage oil that could benefit both your skin and hair.

Scalp Massage Techniques

      • First decide if you would like to use a scalp massage oil. Choose an oil such as sweet almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil as a foundation. Then, pick an appropriate essential oil for the therapeutic benefit. For instance, lavender and tea tree oil for dandruff, rosemary and peppermint oil for hair loss, and improved and chamomile oil for excessive dryness. For each tablespoon of base oil, add two drops of essential oil.
      • Next is to brush your hair. This is to de-tangle the hair and remove loose flakes of skin. If comfortable, bend from the waist and brush your hair upside-down to improve circulation to the scalp.
      • Now you are ready to start. It’s beneficial to massage the scalp whilst upside-down to boost blood circulation to the scalp. This may be accomplished by bending at the waist if comfortable, or lying face up on the bed with your head over the edge and pointing towards the ground.
      • Dip your finger tips into the oil and start in the hairline, massaging small circular motions, gradually working your way back over the whole scalp. Add additional oil to your finger tips if necessary.
      • You can do this for as long as you’re comfortable to continue. Make sure you apply enough pressure so that you feel that the skin going over the skull, rather than simply slip your palms over your skin.
      • When completed, warm a dry towel in the microwave and put it on your head. Let the oil absorb into the scalp for ten minutes or longer.
      • Finally, shampoo and condition. Get in the habit of providing a fantastic scalp massage when shampooing and conditioning also.
      • If your scalp is very dry, you can leave the oil overnight and wash out the following morning.


Make a habit of applying these scalp massage techniques once each week. You may notice you hair grow healthier over time and your scalp will’feel’ rejuvenated. Vary the vital oils you use to determine which provides you the best results and experience. Be cautious of potential allergic reactions to some vital oils, and consult a professional massage therapist or aromatherapist to find out if a specific oil is appropriate if you’re pregnant or nursing.

To supplement your weeklynscalp massage incorporating using scalp massage oil, get in a daily habit of massaging your scalp while in the shower, watching TV, or even walking around. You will get a proficient scalp massager and reap the benefits of a healthy and rejuvenated scalp.