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Many imagine that the stress-free properties of heat water and nicely chosen aromatherapy tub salt can present reduction from disagreeable situations reminiscent of nervousness and stress.

Salt tub advantages

Salt tub are even mentioned has the flexibility to assist muscle and joint ache, in addition to present reduction from the signs of many persistent pores and skin situations.

One of the best identified aromatherapy salt tub nowadays is the Lifeless Sea tub salt. This salt tub is famous as a potent possibility for seborrhea and psoriasis therapy.

A number of research had been carried out to find out the true advantage of this aromatherapy tub salt, and it was found that 80 % of sufferers affected by psoriasis and osteoarthritis reported much less ache after an fragrant tub with the Lifeless Sea tub salt.

Varieties and makes use of of salts

Beside Lifeless sea salt, there are lots of salt that use for aromatherapy salt baths. Comparable to:


Sea salt is just common salt with the addition of varied minerals current in sea water.Sea salt include sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium and different hint components. The extra whiter color of sea salt the higher. Sea salt is accessible in fantastic, medium, and coarse grains. Sea salt is taken into account a fundamental salt, since it’s available and customarily cheap.


Dendritic salt has a singular crystalline kind It absorbs and holds the scent in tub salts very effectively. Dendritic salt is dissolved shortly in your tub water. With out dendritic salt, your tub salt will lose their scent shortly or could kind laborious lumps. Together with a small quantity (beneath 10%) of dendritic salt in every recipe of yours will make sure the scent stays.

Lifeless Sea

Lifeless sea salt comes from Israel, is exclusive in its mineral composition. Rather more concentrated than sea salt. Lifeless sea salt are composed from sodium chloride (like sea salt) plus different mineral and hint components. Lifeless sea salt has the flexibility to completely chill out the physique and soul simply earlier than mattress time. Lifeless sea salt might be mixed with different salts.


Epsom salt is a clear and white glowing salt, Epsom salt color is at all times the identical color from retailer to retailer. Epsom is simple to seek out in your native retailer. Epsom salt include magnesium sulfate. It’s extracted from bitterns ( brine water that has already had sodium chloride eliminated). So in contrast to different salt, Epsom salt no include sodium chloride. Epsom salt is used to ease muscle aches and ache, Additionally it is good for draw toxin out of your physique.


Pickling salt is pure and white brilliant obtainable in medium grain. Simple to seek out at your native retailer. Pickling salt is similar as desk salt however has three foremost variations, pickling salt is available in medium grain, so bigger than desk salt. Pickling salt is just not iodized and anti- caking components. So while you retailer pickling salt in humid or moist surroundings , it’d kind laborious lumps.

European spa

European spa salt is harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. so it ought to dearer than every other salt .European spa salt is evaporated to a glowing white by the solar and ocean air. European Spas are well-known for his or her in-depth information of pure therapeutic and remedy. It’s used for pampering your physique in a luxurious spa. The composition of this salt is especially sodium chloride. European spa salt might be combined with different salts.

Photo voltaic

Is a white chunky salt. Often photo voltaic salt is used solely as complimentary salt within the recipe due to its measurement. The massive, brilliant crystal are very enticing if you happen to mix with smaller grain, reminiscent of Epsom salt or European spa salt.This salt is take a very long time to dissolved in a water. Photo voltaic salt is finest when blended with different salts.

Hawaiian crimson

Hawaiian Pink Salt, also referred to as Alaea sea salt, is a pure, unprocessed salt. It has a rusty crimson color as a result of from the crimson clay current within the space. The volcanic crimson clay is excessive in iron oxide. It has healing properties when used for sore throats, wounds, physique aches, muscle sprains, gum infections and chilly sores. It’s believed to attract toxins from overworked muscle tissue. Hawaiian Pink salt might be combined with different white salt to make one of the best mixture.

Icelandic brine

Icelandic Brine Salt is comes from a steaming sizzling (hotter than 300 levels) pool discovered 1 mile beneath the earth’s floor in Iceland. This salt is wealthy in silica and important hint components however incorporates 60% much less sodium than common sea salt. Icelandic Brine Salt dissolves immediately in water and leaves pores and skin feeling silky gentle. Use Icelandic Geo-Thermal Brine Salts in your tub to chill out sore, drained muscle mass, detoxify your pores and skin and to assist relieve dry, scaling pores and skin situations. Mild sufficient to make use of in child’s tub water for relieving itchy pores and skin. Use this mineral wealthy salt in your lotions and lotions for varied dry pores and skin situations. Icelandic Brine Salt might be combined with different salts.

Black sea pink

This salt is harvesting from conventional methodology to make sure that the salt retains its pure mineral and stays chemical free. Excessive concentrations of halophilic micro organism stay within the water and salt crust and trigger the pink coloration of this salt .

Black Sea Pink Salt has been mentioned to offer ache reduction from eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pressure. It has additionally been utilized by the ancients to enhance the well being of the pores and skin.

Black Sea Pink Salt is a singular luxurious salt to make use of in your tub recipes. You’ll be able to combined this salt with different salt to make an excellent mixture.

You can also make aromatherapy salt tub for your self or give it to your folks. Aromatherapy tub salt can be the proper reward for any event. With a pleasant packaging, you’ll shock how they react!