If you suffer from arthritis, you’ve probably heard of some very interesting home remedies that will heal your disease. From the juice of garlic for a pain reliever to sucking on a lemon, it appears there’s a home remedy that can utilize just about any household item you can imagine. Gin and raisins arthritis relief has grown in popularity since the early 1990’s and is possibly the most popular home remedy for arthritis.

Gin and Raisins

The process of combining gin and raisins for this treatment is quite simple. Although that there are several different recipes, they’re all very similar. Start by using golden raisins (also called white raisins) and set them in a shallow bowl. Cover the raisins with gin and let them soak for many weeks until the liquid evaporates. Once the raisins are ready, you may begin treatment! It is suggested to eat nine of these gin-soaked drunken raisins a day to help in arthritis relief.

Now that you know what all the hype is all about, does it really work?

Although there have been no official studies to prove how successful this home remedy might be, there are a number of theories as to why it can work. One concept is that the sulphides used in the process of making golden raisins are the origin reason they alleviate pain. Another concept is it is the juniper berries, which are full of vitamin C and used in the fermenting process of earning gin. Some other medical professionals believe it may simply be the raisins that are proven to contain anti-arthritic and anti inflammatory chemicals. Lastly and very possibly, it could be in the mind. The placebo effect refers to endorphins or natural pain relievers from the brain that connect the gin raisins arthritis as a cure.

No matter what the actual answer is, when you’ve discovered that gin-soaked raisins have led to relief of pain, it’s suggested to consult a physician before further use. Make certain this home remedy will have no negative reactions with your health care arthritis therapy. It is obviously important to use home remedies as a supplemental form of therapy instead of replacing any existing forms.

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