Elderly lady grabbing her knee in pain as she sits on a wall surrounding a pond after injuring herself out walking on an autumn day with copy space

Pain can affect any part of our life. It is particularly disturbing when it affect our job and social life. This was a fact for my customer who enjoyed outdoor activities most of his life. He was an active hiker, bicker and swimmer but he could just swim without knee pain. It especially was painful and difficult to go down stairs.

He then attempted a traditional approach with allopathic medicine. Countless hours Physical Therapy and steroid injections were just some of the treatment choices he tried. All this gave him some temporary relief, but the pain came back with the same intensity. Any suggestion from his loved ones and friends to explore some alternative treatment alternative was rejected by him with no additional action.

He was a”scientist” and how a person can even indicate acupuncture or anything else out of western medicine he refused to take. The pain was persistent and western medicine treatment choices very limited because of his pain relief.

One of his colleagues suggested acupuncture. He explained to him that he didn’t in it and he does not want to squander his money as it’s not even covered by insurance. His coworker insisted that he check on insurance policy. He called his insurance provider and to his surprise acupuncture has been covered by insurance carrier.

He came to my office skeptical, haughty and very anxious. I explained to him that acupuncture was a 3000 year old medical system which provides solutions for many health difficulties. I explained that’s a safe and effective medical treatment for many ailments. I also explained the basic notion of acupuncture which suggest some helpful reading about study’s which were done using acupuncture and that acupuncture needles are a single use sterile medical tool. I showed him how thin the needle was very flexible and small.

He agreed to give it a go. Along with his treatment for his knee pain I included some stress relief points. I could see he began to relax when he realized it wasn’t that painful. After I ended needling and prepare the heat lamp and did electro stimulation, I left the room. Some minutes after he was snoring in the treatment room. After the first treatment he stated that he did not expect to be relaxed enough to fall asleep. When I inquired about his pain level he said it was too premature to discuss his pain relief. Two months afterwards, however, he was pain free and appreciating his outside activities without limits.

Recently, he said he felt ashamed of himself because he was arrogant enough to ignore the wisdom and”science” that’s 3000 years old. He now is a believer in the medicine of acupuncture