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The health benefits found in green tea could be mainly attributed to the large amounts of flavonoids it contains. Flavonoids are compound types found in plants that help them protect themselves from harm. Flavonoids are believed to be antioxidants. Antioxidants help you to stay healthy by fighting off free radicals. Free radicals contain oxygen molecules which are by-products of your body’s digestive processes. Caused by pollution and other elements in your surroundings and left unchecked, free radicals damage your cells, leading eventually to disease. Green tea also contains catechins which are thought of as stronger compared to vitamin C and vitamin E in protecting your body from oxidation damage.

Some Research

A green tea weight loss study say that green tea extracts create substantial gains in spent energy–how metabolism is measured–as well as a remarkable impact on oxidations of fat. While some of the effects were originally believed to be due to the caffeine found in green tea, scientists have found that green tea really contains certain properties which extend beyond what was clarified by caffeine. Same amounts of caffeine, as found in green tea, were administered independently. The managed caffeine failed to cause some changes in energy costs. This has led researchers to presume some kind of interaction is occurring with green tea’s active ingredients which is the reason for the increase in fat oxidation and metabolism.

The researchers of the identical green tea weight loss study stated the results of the study pose significant implications for use in weight management. For a 24-hour period, an overall growth of 4 percent was attributed to extracts from green tea but it was also noted that the growth in expenditure occurred during the day. This led the researchers to the conclusion that spent electricity at a topic, with the 4% growth in total energy costs, really produced a 35% to 43% increase in thermogenesis during the day. Research subjects also did not report side effects and differences with heart rates were hardly noticeable. Because of this, green tea afterward differs from many other prescription obesity drugs and other herbal products.

Green Tea Benefits

In a different green tea weight loss study scientists have arrived at the conclusion that green tea does have thermogenic properties and is effective at increasing fat oxidation. This green tea weight loss study feels that these results are due to other substances besides what caffeine had caused. This decision differs from other studies which discount other substances found in green tea and feature advantages for weight loss solely to green tea’s caffeine content.

Results of the following green tea weight loss study on the extract AR25 (Exolise) performed in France show that the AR25 infusion does help cure obesity. For the analysis, they made use of extracts from green tea (standard 25% catechins) at 80% ethanolic concentrate. Results of this green tea weight loss study show that green tea inhibits pancreatic and gastric lipases directly. Because these enzymes trigger fat storage, delaying actions they create intended that green tea was a potential solution in treating obesity and weight loss issues.

More Research

Yet another green tea weight loss study, this time in the University of Chicago, establish green tea consequences in weight reduction. Rats given extracts from green tea experienced loss of appetite and after seven days of treatment, consumed up to 60 percent less of the food. The entire study caused the rats to lose up to 21% off of the weight. The researchers also attribute it to green tea’s regulating effects on blood glucose.

Studies have proven it

Green tea can help you drop weight. Whether tea or as a nutritional supplement, taking in green tea can help accelerate your weight loss goals by complementing your exercise regimen. While green tea is organic and hasn’t been proven to cause any side effects, it’s better to consult your doctor before taking it if you’re experiencing any medical condition or are currently taking in almost any prescription medication. This is to make sure that green tea doesn’t cause additional complications to your health.