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Do you understand why facial masks made from honey are so popular today? The solution is that honey is useful not only once you consume it but when you apply it on your skin. It’s explained by the fact that honey has therapeutic qualities that sometimes are essential for our skin. It’s quite helpful in treatment of acne and scars after it, dry skin and even has anti-aging effect and helps you to prevent wrinkles. It can be known as a medication for your skin. Before we’ll provide you wonderful recipes of facial masks, let us find out all the benefits of this magnificent item.


      • Honey serves as a terrific skin cleanser as it penetrates into the pores and eliminates dirt, making your skin look fresh and clean.
      • It prevents skin from premature aging and appearance of wrinkles.
      • Honey is the ideal moisturizer, because it’s natural elements nourish the skin and it looks soft and brilliant.
      • When you use honey, you might make certain your skin is effectively shielded from sunlight influence on your skin.
      • Skin aging and damage can readily be fought with the assistance of antioxidant qualities that honey has.
      • It’s a well-known actuality that honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. It is helpful to treat acne and to reduce inflammations and infections. If honey is dissolved in water then antibacterial agent hydrogen peroxide is generated. It may be used in treatment of wounds and cuts.

Honey facial masks

Because of the fact that honey is totally natural ingredient and it doesn`t contain any compound components, it’s ideal for production of wonderful facial masks which are healthy and help you to eliminate many skin issues.

As it was previously, honey has anti-bacterial properties which may cure inflammations, heal cuts and eliminate bacteria from the skin. It is helpful to keep our skin moisturized. Honey can stand alone as a mask with no additives. Before program you should wet your fingers to be able to prevent stickiness.

If you would like radiant skin then you need to employ pure honey on your face and leave it for thirty minutes. Then you need to wash it with warm water and wipe with a towel. If you use this mask three times per week, then the outcome will be obvious. Your skin will be glowing, healthy and perfectly moisturized.

Honey & turmeric to get light tone of skin

If you would like a fair tone of skin then mask made from honey and garlic powder is fantastic for you. It’s a wonderful natural way to get light skin without using any additional makeup. But don`t expect to get the result each day. To attain maximum impact you need to apply this mask systematically. Make a thick paste out of a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. This mask may also reduce scars and other skin flaws.

Lemon & Honey as a treatment of acne

Lemon is an ingredient that has cleansing qualities. In conjunction with honey, such mask can be quite helpful in treatment of eczema and acne. Especially when you have oily skin, which can be more vulnerable to those issues, this mask will suit you perfectly. After using of the mask your skin will get natural glow.

Yoghurt & Honey mask to make your skin glistening

If you wish to prepare this mask then you must combine two tablespoons of yoghurt with two teaspoons of honey. Yoghurt will purify your honey and pores will remove dirt and germs from your skin. It’ll look healthy and glowing.

Honey & Avocado mask for nourishing

This mask is ideal for dry skin as it moisturizes it hydrates your skin. Avocado is a supply of oils and in conjunction with honey it’ll work superbly. Your skin will look healthier and will be naturally moisturized.

Honey & Oatmeal mask for pores

Combine honey and apply it on your face. This mask will act as a gentle peeling that can enable you to eliminate dead skin cells and at exactly the exact same time your pores will be processed.

So, as we see, we could make wonderful masks at home by ourselves. If you prefer you can alter these recipes a bit by adding some additional ingredients to enhance these masks. Don`t overlook that honey is quite helpful for your skin and health in general and its program will do nothing but good for you.