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There are morning sickness remedies which go to the core of the attack and cause. Additionally, there are some that only deal with the symptoms of morning sickness. Remedies that are natural will visit the cause and provide you greater relief than if you simply handle the symptom.

What to do?

It’s like taking an over-the-counter medicine for a cold. You’re only treating the symptoms and covering the true cause of the cold. This just pushes that cause further down into your body and you’ll end up feeling sick again shortly as the body it trying to fix what is really wrong.

If morning sickness is, indeed, your body’s way of protecting this little baby, you then need to take care of the root causes instead of just covering up the symptoms. The best way to do this is through natural remedies. From old wives’ tales to well-researched alternatives, you have a great deal of choices.

Herbal choices

As I researched and experimented with different herbal choices, I noticed a lot of women saying, “Oh, that herbal stuff did not work for me! I tried it once and it did not do anything!”

Please bear in mind that remedies for morning sickness operate differently than what you get older or from the physician. It will take a time for your body to catch on to a herb of choice and target it to the perfect place within.

I would say to provide an herbal remedy at least one full week of use prior to making any judgments. Then, I’d increase the dose and use it for another week if nothing was happening. I know that seems like a very long time to wait before finding relief, but just consider how much better that the remedy is for your body and your baby than the synthetic stuff!

Herbal Teas

During when I experienced morning sickness with baby #5, I discovered that drinking a hot cup of tea with raw honey first thing in the morning let me cope so much better. It did not matter what type of tea I took, anything did the trick for me.

If you can not stand to take it fresh from the cup, then you can attempt to suspend the tea and then suck on ice cubes throughout the day or eat it smashed. Any herb which may be taken as a tea is also found in capsules, even though you need to take a number of capsules to equal one cup of fresh brewed tea.

      • Red raspberry
      • Peppermint
      • Wild yam
      • Peach bark
      • Ginger (see below)
      • Clove (see below)

Raw Honey

There are many advantages to taking a daily dose of raw honey, it is difficult to list them all in one article. From boosting your immune system to providing you with additional energy, raw honey covers a broad assortment of issues. Use raw honey to sweeten your tea rather than sugar. For a snack, have some whole wheat toast with a few raw honey and cinnamon.

Peppermint Oil

If you can not stand the taste of peppermint tea, try peppermint oil . You’ll find the exact same health benefits without the entire blast of tea. Later on in your pregnancy, you can take this treatment to help with heartburn also! Some women find only the odor of peppermint helps them. To take advantage of the benefit, boil some water and place it in a cup with a few drops of this oil. Put the cup by your mind to feel the consequences all night long.


I know you have heard this one a thousand times! But, in truth, it does work for a lot of women. Finding some raw ginger in the neighborhood health food store or grocery store is the perfect way to take it. When you make a tea from the root, do not take an entire cup at once – rather, sip it over a time period. Ginger does bring on uterine contractions in some women if you take too much at once.

One reason ginger works to cure morning sickness is because it will help to remove excess toxins in the body. If you don’t wish to drink it, have a ginger bath. Simply boil that tea from fresh grated ginger root and pour it directly in your bath tub, without bubble bath of course. Be careful your bath water is not too hot and come out gradually as soon as you’re done.

Clove tea

Combine with ginger and cinnamon for a tea that is fantastic! Clove – you know, the one on your spice rack – is an exceptional choice as it soothes an upset stomach and aids in digestion. Additionally, it has been shown to improve the immune system.


The title alfalfa means”Father of all Foods”. This herb is so very rich in several vitamins and minerals – calcium, iron, phosphorus to mention only a few. It has a fantastic concentration of Vitamin K which has been proven to aid peptic ulcers – the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers has also been associated with morning sickness. Alfalfa also has eight of the essential amino acids and the maximum chlorophyll content of any plant.


This small bud that plagues many landscapers is in fact a powerhouse of great things! It’s quite high in calcium as well as other minerals and vitamins. It helps to cleanse the liver which is working overtime when you’re pregnant to regulate the additional hormone load. The blood benefits the most from dandelion. It calms, assembles, and balances the blood that provides you endurance, energy, and takes care of anemia.

“A severely anemic pregnant girl took two dandelion capsules 3 times per day. In less than a month her blood count came up several factors. Her obstetrician said he was pleasantly surprised because he had not seen it appear like that before, throughout a pregnancy.”