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It’s a well-accepted truth that, more than ever before, women over age 40 are trying to conceive and begin a family. With the liberty that our developed society today offers to women concerning improved health, greater means to travel and the chance to enjoy successful careers, it’s no great surprise that we aren’t all settling down and having kids in our 20s.


There are numerous statistics available on the odds of becoming pregnant after 40, which could occasionally be encouraging and at times extremely disheartening. Regardless of what is reported by the media, if conceiving a child later in life is something that you would like and you have the ability to support a family, it’s certainly worth trying for.

Many women are now turning to naturopathic solutions to help increase their chances of becoming pregnant after 40. In a society with the already well-developed medical establishment, natural procedures for improving fertility add even further to a woman’s likelihood of starting a family at this point in her life.

Natural Solutions

There are numerous organic solutions available to enhance every woman’s chances of becoming pregnant after 40. Their simplicity shouldn’t be confused for ineffectiveness, however, since all the changes listed below can have a significant positive effect on female health and so fertility.

Widely regarded as the most important thing that you can do for optimum overall health is putting maximum effort into eating a very healthy diet, all the time. Eating a diet full of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy proteins has been noted by naturopaths to radically increase female egg health no matter any other lifestyle changes.

Fertility Superfood

Consuming fertility superfoods like spirulina, maca and royal jelly may also increase the odds of becoming pregnant after 40 because of the nutrients they contain. A naturopath is the best person to consult when seeking to make important changes to your diet, and will fully support you in making healthful food and beverage choices daily to greatly enhance your fertility.

It might come as no surprise, but the next element that plays a significant role in improving fertility is regular exercise. Does exercise reduce fat in the body, improve muscle strength and decrease stress, but it’s also crucial in eliminating toxins such as xeno hormones, which are chemical hormones which could disrupt the body’s natural hormonal balance.

It’s thankfully relatively straightforward to increase the amount of exercise you can do in order to observe changes in your wellbeing. Walking, yoga, swimming and dancing are low-impact ways to begin on improving fitness and overall health, factors that will subsequently boost your odds of becoming pregnant after 40. Aim to exercise 5 days per week for at least 30 minutes at a time.

Healthy Body

In addition to making significant wholesome modifications to both exercise and diet routines, a fertility cleanse goes a long way in enhancing fertility later in life. As years of a less-than-optimally-healthy lifestyle can have a large effect on the body, a cleansing can give every woman the opportunity to ‘reset’ and create a solid base of good health necessary for conceiving.

Again, a naturopathic fertility specialist will be able to advise whether a fertility cleanse is ideal for you, and will also recommend other actions to take to boost your odds of becoming pregnant after 40, such as methods for reducing stress, improving egg wellbeing, monitoring your fertility cycle and a lot more.

Conceiving after age 40 is far from hopeless, but in many cases it involves making changes to lifestyle and diet to maximise the odds of it occurring. A excellent natural fertility physician will guide you in taking all the necessary steps according to your individual needs, and will fully support you during your journey towards optimal fertility and pregnancy.