Green tea being poured into glass tea cup on the table

Green tea has become quite a popular drink in the western world in recent decades. The beverage in addition to extracts from the drink are found in many products such as shampoos, capsules, and chilled beverages. You know doubt have heard or read about the many benefits of green tea sooner or later.


It was revealed that mice which were bred to create certain lung tumors were shielded by the formation of the microbes by simply having green tea included in their diet. To help solidify these claims in the study, mice that did not have the green tea developed the tumors. It’s necessary to mention that more studies need to be done in order to indicate the very same findings might apply for humans. It is said that green tea helps prevent cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, abate cancer development, and even fight cavities.

But there’s far more to green tea than just the advantages, and it’s also sensible to say that how we have this tea is very important and can really decide how much of the benefits we reap. Now besides benefits, there’s more to this beverage which can be obtained. For one, because there are hundreds of varieties of the green sort of tea, it delivers a world to pick from which many tea drinkers love as there’s always a new kind to encounter. Each has its own distinct taste too; talking of which…

Do it right

If you’d green tea brewed from a tea bag, or had it chilled in a jar. . .then you likely did not come near the taste this tea offers. This is because the majority of tea brewed from tea bags are made from “fannings”, which would be the lowest grading of tea. Literally bottom of the barrel!

Brewing green tea, or any sort of tea, using entire loose leaves is a much superior approach to obtain the exceptional taste and benefits your tea supplies. And what about the tea chilled in bottles? Well, since mostly sugar and corn syrup are the principal ingredients, only a little hint of the real tea will touch your palate. Now since we are on taste, let’s debunk another thing that green tea is regrettably misunderstood for.

Do this

Many folks think that green tea has a displeasing flavor which is going to be too vegetal to enjoy or get used to. Well, I will not lie to you, some varieties have a somewhat grassy flavor, but the incredible thing is that your tongue will open up to it. It might take approximately 4 to 5 cups, but it happens, you embrace. And usually after that, you will WANT a tea with an awesome and powerful vegetal taste today that the taste has a particular “sweetness”. Just give it a chance.

Chinese teas

Overall tend to be more mild, with some varieties having small depth, so for novices, which could be a fantastic place to begin the journey. Japanese green teas such as sencha, have more grassier notes that seasoned tea drinkers really appreciate. So if you are new to this sort of tea, you might be a little overwhelmed by the stronger flavor.

Another factor on flavor is the way you brew your loose leaf green tea. Among the biggest mistakes you can make is adding boiling water into the delicate leaves. Let the water cool down for half a minute to prevent a spoiled cup. Also, the sort of water used for steeping is important also. Avoid tap water because the impurities will help determine the flavor. Stay away from distilled water as well because this has a propensity to make the tea taste “level”. Filtered water or natural spring water works best.

The age of your green tea has a role to play and is best appreciated within 6 to 8 months of this flush. . .no longer.

And of course watch your steeping time! Green tea has properties inside it known as tannins which discharge in larger numbers after about 3 minutes of brewing. If a lot of getaway, your cup will become bitter and shed its subtle flavor. So be sure and follow the brewing directions! Also, it’s strongly recommended you use a large infuser so the leaves have room to start, so avoid tea ball infusers in the event that you’re able to.

So remember, green tea has many advantages to offer, both for taste and health. But so as to experience the best of it, loose leaf tea is the best way to go. Give this loose leaf method an opportunity, and a completely new drink will introduce itself to you, providing you years of tea-drinking enjoyment!